PYRAMIDŽ Strings for Violin

PYRAMIDŽ GOLD strings are precision made pure nickel flat wire wound on a steel core. Excellent tone and timbre, high quality. $18.90/set
PYRAMIDŽ SUPERIOR strings have been proving their superiority for years. Pure nickel flat wire is wound on steel cores of various gauges and specific gravities. The strings are smooth ground and polished, produce an excellent tone and timbre, and respond easily, softly, and accurately. Experience of over a century of string-making guarantees highest quality! $22.90/set
PYRAMIDŽ ULTRAFLEX Multi Core Strings are of excellent sensitiveness, perfect in fifth, and extremely flexible. The quality of musical sound is dependent upon the combination of the fundamental and the number of overtones present. The ULTRAFLEX strings have a core consisting of a plurality of wires, twisted together spirally, pure nickel flat wire wound. This favors the production of overtones, enlarging the frequencies and results in the most desirable tone quality. ULTRAFLEX Multi Core Strings combine some of the best advantages of metal and gut strings $31.45/set
PYRAMIDŽ SOLOFLEX strings are exceptional quality strings, pure nickel flat wire wound on a woven steel cable core. Designed with the solo artist in mind. Extremely responsive, very flexible, with outstanding tonal quality and volume. $41.00/set
PYRAMIDŽ SYNTHA-CORE strings are strings for true artists. Aluminium, silver, or nickel flat wire wound, depending on the particular string, on a synthetic material core. With Plain E: $29.95/set,  With Wound E: $31.95/set, 4/4 - 1/8
Available in: Soft, Medium, & Strong

Note: For Dealer information & inquiry's on Syntha-core strings contact: Meisel Stringed Instruments
Phone: 973-379-1000 Fax: 973-379-5020
Web Site:

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